Parents' Council

Membership of the Parents' Council is open to all parents / guardians of our students. The Officers of the Parents' Council are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Council every year. The officers are nominated and elected from the general parent body. Nominations are accepted from parents of current students of the school. The Council works closely with the management of the school and the Board of Management. It offers its voice and opinions to the running of the school and reflects the perspective of parents. The Council's work in fundraising, organising talks and other events are an integral part of the school life, and help inform parents of the particular needs and strengths of parents.

Underneath are the names of the officers. 

Notice of meetings and events will be listed on this page in future.

The Parents' Council meets once a month during the school year.

Parents' Council Officers



 Chairperson   Yvonne Horan
 Secretary       Mary O'Neill
 Treasurer       Marcella Moore