Board of Management

The Board of Management of Coláste Lorcán supports and guides school management in the day to day running of our school in conjunction with the school Principal and other staff. The Board consists of three nominees from Kildare Wicklow Education and Training Board, three nominees from the Poor Sisters of the Mother of God congregation (School Trustees), two parent nominees and two teaching staff nominees. The Board meets at least once per term where the principal's report informs the meeting. Decisions including advice and guidance to management, ratification of policies and other issues make up the business of the meeting. 

The Board publishes an Agreed Report of each meeting to inform staff and parents / guardians and students of its work. This Agreed Report is normally placed on the school website within two working days of the Board meeting.

Agreed Report Board Meeting May 2019.pdf

Agreed Report BOM December 2018.pdf

Agreed Report BOM September 2018.pdf

Agreed Report Board Meeting May 2018.pdf

Agreed Report BOM February 2018.pdf

BOM Agreed Report November 2017.pdf

Agreed Report BOM September 2017.pdf

Agreed Report BOM April 2017.pdf

Agreed Report BOM February 2017.pdf

Agreed Report BOM November 2016.pdf

CL BOM Agreed Report 4th May 2016.pdf

CL BOM Agreed Report 13th Jan 2016 .pdf

Agreed Report BOM 7th Oct 2015.docx

Board of Management



Secretary Mr Eric Gaughran
Members Mr. Stephen Horan (KWETB Nominee)
  Mr. Ivan Keatley  (KWETB Nominee)
  Mr. Mark Wall (KWETB Nominee)
  Mrs. Mary O'Donovan (SMG Nominee)
  Mrs. Margaret Kinsella (SMG Nominee)
  Mr. Pat Courtney (SMG Nominee)
  Ms. Martina Treacy (Teachers' Nominee)