School Policies

Coláiste Lorcáin has been involved in the current phase of school planning for many years. The purpose of School Planning is to help the school in its understanding of its role as an education provider to all the community. It is also intended to coordinate future planning to ensure the school continues to grow and meet the challenges presented in a rapidly changing environment.

There have been a number of areas addressed as priority aims under the planning initiative. Promoting an anti-bullying agenda, improving communications, catering for diversity of students entering senior cycle and examining student needs are but some of the taks that have been approached by the staff. Subject planning, including collaborative planning within subject areas was initiated more recently and has given the school much greater scope in terms of providing for mixed ability teaching, setting term exams, using resources across the subject areas, etc.

The Board of Management and the Principal work assiduously to ensure that school policies and procedures are regularly considered and reviewed and that best practice and modern approaches are in action in daily school life.

The school's policies are available from this website and, also, on request from the Principal.

All our policies are subject to change without notice. Please ensure to check for updates.

School Policies List May 2019.pdf

School Admissions Policy 2020 - 2021.pdf

CL Code of Behaviour 2019-2020.pdf

CL Mobile Phones Policy.pdf

Critical Incident Policy December 2018.pdf

School Admissions Policy 2019 - 2020.pdf

CL Code of Behaviour 2018-2019.pdf

Colaiste Lorcain CCTV Systems Data Management Policy.pdf

CL Religion Policy 2017.pdf

CL Home School Partnership Policy.pdf

CL Student Substance Use Policy.pdf

CL Parents Council Policy.pdf

CL Student Council Policy.pdf

CL Extra Curricular Activities Policy.pdf

CL Homework and Study Policy.pdf

CL Healthy Eating and Exercise Policy.pdf

CL European Languages Scholarships Policy.pdf

CL Gaeltacht Scholarships Policy.pdf

CL Student Attainment Levels Policy.pdf

CL Policy on Rel. and Sexuality Ed_.pdf

CL Special Educational Needs Policy.pdf

CL SPHE Policy.pdf

CL Student Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

CL Numeracy Policy.pdf

Guidelines for all students.pdf

CL Numeracy Policy.pdf

CL Pastoral Care Policy.pdf