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School Calendar 2019 - 2020

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Success in School - Please see document on Guidelines for Students' Success in School

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Student Supports

Each Year Group has a designated Year Head, who is a member of the school’s senior leadership team (2019-2020).


Year Group

Year Head

1st Year

Ms. S. Gavigan

2nd Year

Ms. M. Spruhan

3rd Year

Ms. A. Wafer

4th Year

 Ms. O. Mc Farland

5th Year

Ms. N. O'Halloran

6th Year

Mr. S. Hutton


The Year Head is an important figure in the school’s academic, discipline and pastoral care system. The Year Head’s main role is to support the work of the individual teachers and to organise the year group in the most effective and responsive manner. The Year Head will normally be involved in working with class teachers to ensure that students are happy, safe and challenged in school, that their attendance and punctuality is as high as possible, that students are responding appropriately to the academic demands of school, that students are involved in the co-curricular elements of  Colaiste Lorcain and, ultimately, that students are developing a level of maturity and inner confidence that will enable them to leave Colaiste Lorcain with a sense of pride in their community, local and national, and with a deep sense that they can make a real and valuable contribution to society as adults. 


To further assist students’ in their learning, development and education, Colaiste Lorcain Community College provides the following additional support services:


Guidance Counsellor (Mr. S. Hutton).