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TY Tramore Surfing Trip By Emma Gately TY

By TY Students on 30/09/2015

On Thursday 10th of September 2015, following the Junior Cert result night, the Transition Year class, as well as three of the teachers at Coláiste Lorcáin  went on a surfing trip to Tramore beach, to celebrate the students various achievements the day before.

The Ty students were up bright and early on Thursday morning to catch the bus in the church carpark at half eight. With tired groans and yawns from the previous night spent celebrating, the Ty class along with Ms Wafer and Ms Gavigan the Ty year heads and Mr Hutton the school’s Guidance Counsellor set off to Tramore beach.

Immediately upon arriving at Tramore beach the students were greeted by Tramore surf school, who split us into two groups of 25. The first group was ushered into the changing room to switch their clothes to wetsuits. Nearly half an hour later the first group emerged pulling at the clinging material of the wetsuits and complaining. But not minutes later had the moaning stopped and it was replaced by shouts of joy and excitement. After a brief talk on what to do and what not to do, the first group of Ty students were surfing the waves of Tramore beach. It seemed the teachers saw how much fun the students were having because just after the first group began surfing they were quickly joined by Mr Hutton and Ms Wafer.

After an hour the first group dragged their exhausted bodies out from the waves and reluctantly switched with the second group. Lunch was eaten, wetsuits were switched and the second group of the Ty class made their way into the water having just as much of a good time as the first group. All too soon though the second group grudgingly left the water and got changed. After lots of photos and another lunch break the Ty class filed back on to the bus and set off back home.

But a surprise from the teachers delayed our journey home. Before they we Tramore we were going to journey to Tramore secondary school, Ardscoil Na Mara, to visit the Principak Mr Padraig Cawley who had previously taught Ty students in woodwork as a teacher at Coláiste Lorcáin. After Mr Cawley very generously gave out a drink and a bar to the Ty students, he then allowed the students to tour around the secondary school.

After a tour of the school the students returned to the bus happy and impressed. The atmosphere on the bus was equal parts exhausted and joyous. All too soon the day was over and the students were back at the church car park, but after a great day all the students cared about was sleeping off their fatigue.

Overall the Tramore surfing trip was a huge success and a great way to celebrate the amazing Junior Certificate results the students received the day before. The students and the teachers had nothing but praise for the trip. We look forward in anticipation to more trips is in the Ty class’s future.