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Ember Retreat 2015 By Laura Corrigan, 5th year

By Senior Cycle Students on 30/09/2015

From Tuesday the 8th of September to Thursday the 10th, Colaiste

Lorcain's Ember Team, along with teams from seven other Leinster
schools, took part in a three day leadership training programme.
Ember is a school Leadership Programme which is run in secondary
schools throughout the country. Among other things, the Ember teams
are responsible for the integration of first year pupils into the
school community.

The training programme, which was held in Ovoca Manor in Wicklow, aims
to teach students how to listen to the needs of fellow students and
plan a response to these needs, as well as improving team work and
communication skills.

These skills are taught through a variety of different methods, as
large group, as individual teams and through team based activities.
The team based activities, which including a challenging Jacobs Ladder
challenge and a Leap of Faith, were arguably the best part of the

Our completion of the programme was marked with a ceremony on the last
day, where we received certificates and Ember badges.  The trip was
thoroughly enjoyed by all, not only did we leave with a new skills; we
also came home having made new friend and brilliant memories!