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Did someone say Dragon Boating? By Adanya Hott, TY

By TY Students on 30/09/2015

With the new school year back in full swing, Coláiste Lorcáin's Tys are back in action. On the seventh of September we had our first outing. Three teachers from the P.E. department brought us into Carlow for Dragon boating. Dragon boating is a team rowing activity which, in our case, consisted of sixteen people per team. One person is in charge of steering the boat, another person is the drummer whose job is to keep the rowers synchronized while the last fourteen paddle.

We left school first thing that morning and at half nine we arrived at Carlow town park. We were greeted by two members of the Carlow rowing club who were to be our leaders for the day. The year was broken into four teams for the races. The first teams to race were One and Two with group One coming out victorious. Teams Three and Four then battled it out with team Four taking the lead. After a short break teams One and Four got back in the boats to battle for the overall win with team Four taking the title by the tip of a boat!

We arrived home at ten past one and were very lucky that we had a half day so we were able to go straight home. I think I can safely that our first Ty outing was a major success and hopefully there will be many more throughout the year. We would like to thank Mrs McFarland, Ms Whelan and Mr Kenny for taking us on this very enjoyable outing!